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Automating vehicle operations to scale

DMI enables continuous
delivery of high-integrity
automation software to solve
the new challenges of the
Aerospace industry

Create the





in-the-loop tests


Create Mission Simulation

Create your desired scenario in DMI’s intuitive interface. Drag and drop your objects, specify the weather conditions and generate the scenario.

start with any map location
any weather conditions
extensive object library
size to your needs

Generate synthetic datasets for perception algorithms

Be it Electro-Optical, Infrared, Radar, or Lidar – generate synthetic datasets for various sensor types in your custom scenarios. Specify edge cases, sensor properties, metadata or any other customization to your need for effective algorithm training.

edge cases
procedurally created scenarios
match ground truth across sensor types

Train AI and gain model insights

Configure complex missions, using DMI’s multivariate environments, or connect your own data sources through flexible APIs to develop planning and control systems.

extensive mission template collection
open infrastructure
customizable c2 interfaces

Integrate and measure system performance

Flexibly integrate system components, run the simulation and evaluate the combined systems’ capability with specialized evaluation and explainability features. Benchmark performance with standardized and customizable testing.

open APIs
out-of-the-box tests for fast results
continuously updated benchmarks

Develop Advanced Operator Interfaces Respecting Human Factors for AI

A system is only as good as its interaction with the human: build and test automation interfaces that manage situational awareness, trust and workload for optimal performance.

tested interface templates
flexible customization
out-of-the box variations testing

Integrate Components into SoS and perform Operator-in-the-loop Simulation

Create digital twins of complex system-of-systems and simulate at the speed of your choice, real time or much faster. Interact flexibly and analyze performance with customizable development interfaces, C2 views and immersive 3D environments.

integrate multiple partners
scale flexibly
switch interfaces on demand

Measure SoS performance and collect certification evidence

Run Monte Carlo evaluation of your integrated systems. Compare performance across multiple runs and analyze the data with fast, web based interfaces. Build evidence to address accountability, liability and AI certification.

evaluate complex systems-of-systems
fast time to results
standard tests in 1 click
upcoming AI standards built in
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