Data Machine Intelligence Solutions finalizes core project on AI application for content industry

Data Machine Intelligence Solutions has successfully delivered, jointly with our partners at Priparis GmbH, a bleeding-edge technology development project for Swiss based Media AI specialist ella media AG ( Ella is the world’s first artificial intelligence that reliably produces professional fictional and non-fictional texts by itself.
Ella makes generation for both infotainment and entertainment simple, digital, versatile and feasible. DMI Solutions has developed the complex application software for extending ella’s AI-core systems, including an advanced user interface.

Bert van Heukelom, Managing Director of Data Machine Intelligence Solutions, says “as highlighted by our customer, text is the origin of all communication and interaction between humans. We are very proud to have been able to support ella in its endeavour to develop an AI based standard software solution for the production of texts of all kinds in the most commonly spoken or written languages. It was gratifying to show and amaze A.I.-researchers with how their system reaches the user.”

Copyright: ELLA Media AG 2021

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