Data Machine Intelligence Solutions supports EU-funded ‘AI for Defence’ project

Data Machine Intelligence Solutions has won its first project within the European Defence Industrial Development Program (EDIDP). The defence research and development program, set up by the European Commission, has chosen to fund the “Artificial Intelligence for Defence” (AI4DEF) consortium, a project that focuses on supporting the uptake of AI in the European armed forces. As partner of the consortium, DMI Solutions will provide its expertise in agile software prototyping and AI.

The goal of the AI4DEF project is to demonstrate the benefits of AI on military functional areas such as situation awareness, decision-making and planning optimization. Through several use cases, which are defined together with the armed forces and reflect real scenarios and needs, the consortium will test and qualify a variety of AI algorithms for their usability in the defence domain.

The AI4DEF consortium is led by Denmark based company Terma and consists of 19 partners from 10 countries. “This is a key achievement for us and our endeavor to build comprehensible AI solutions in the demanding environment of high-tech defence solutions”, says Bert van Heukelom, Managing Director of Data Machine Intelligence Solutions.

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