DMI on Stage: New Space Summit Recap

DMI recently had the privilege of attending a great event that brought together leading minds in the field of New Space – the inaugural New Space Summit that took place from May 15-17th 2023, in Munich.

The summit was an inspiring confluence of established companies, government organizations, research institutions, start-ups, and investors, all coming together to exchange views on how to transform an entire industry regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The highlight for us was when our very own Max Najork took the stage. Max's presentation focused on a vital question that is currently shaping the trajectory of the aerospace industry: How do we integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) safely and ethically? Max shared his unique perspective on this complex landscape, drawing from his rich experience in the field, and emphasizing the imperative of ethical and safe AI integration.

Max Najork on Stage at the New Space Summit in front of a presentation. The slide reads

He discussed the need for comprehensive guidelines and the challenges of certification for AI systems in space, underlining the significance of maintaining safety while encouraging innovation.

It was fascinating to witness how the broader discussion about using and certifying AI systems for space is very much at the beginning stages. It's at a different level than in the aviation industry, where AI discussions, integration and standardization are more advanced.

The observation underscores the unique challenges and opportunities presented in the New Space sector, and the necessity for industry players to align and collaborate on a unified path forward.

The summit served as a great opportunity for DMI to share our ideas, learn about the innovations other exciting companies are working on, and contribute to the discussions that will shape the future of space. We are thrilled to be a part of this journey.

We thank the organizers of the New Space Summit for starting such a great event right at our doorstep and look forward to participating in future gatherings.

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