FCAS: Mission accomplished

Data Machine Intelligence Solutions successfully delivered an Aerial Combat Cloud User Experience Demonstrator (ACCUED) to the Airbus experts of the FCAS Prototyping LAB.

In June 2020 Data Machine Intelligence Solutions GmbH was selected by Airbus Defence & Space on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Defense to support Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Prototyping Lab in the further development of the FCAS simulation environment. This is part of Europe’s largest and most ambitious military aeronautics development program. Objective was to generate early stage demonstrators and investigate cutting edge new technologies relevant for the FCAS.

Within five months, the DMI Solutions team developed a comprehensive demonstrator that visualizes the connections between manned and unmanned platforms within a simulation of the areal tactical domain. Through this approach it is possible to show the current status of a simulation to both expert and non expert viewers and stakeholders alike.

The Technologies & Languages used were (in no particular order): JavaScript Typescript, MobX, C++, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Webpack, OSM, React, Material UI, gitlab.

We are very proud that Data Machine Intelligence Solution GmbH not only received praise from Airbus Defence & Space for delivering on time and on budget but also achieved high ratings by the FCAS Non-Traditional Player Initiative.

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